Omega Consulting is one of the few preeminent nuclear decommissioning companies that specialize in advising and providing strategic support to the commercial nuclear power decommissioning industry as well as other industry sectors

Omega’s Managing Director provided the  leadership  and management for the decommissioning and final site clearance for the first two U.S. commercial nuclear power plant sites that established the decommissioning approach and benchmark for the nuclear industry and other nuclear decommissioning companies .   This experience affords you with the capabilities, skills, and hands on lessons learned to minimize your project risks while providing greater assurance and predictability of achieving your nuclear decommissioning project safety, cost, and schedule goals.

With over (35) years  nuclear experience we understand what it takes to  complete these complex and challenging projects.  In part we bring the following skill sets to the table that will result in increasing your projects success:  applying structured project management practices; detailed project planning; submittal of required regulatory licensing documents; decommissioning organizational development; application of best industry technologies and practices; implementing robust risk management tools;  effective human resource management;  assisting in organization culture change initiatives to support project transition;  adopting  “fit for purpose” processes & procedures; and ensuring the robustness of cost, and schedule “underpinning”.

Collectively, our experience and capabilities nationally and internationally in these and other areas,  provide you with a trusted source for assistance in the successful completion of your project.

Our Core Values:                                             

  • Safe and cost effective project execution
  • Building client relationships as a trusted advisor
  • Flexibility and reliability to meet changing client needs
  • Providing integrated “value for money” solutions
  • Increasing predictability on project execution outcome

Contact Information

Noah Fetherston PMP, Managing Director

Email: Noah@omegaconsultingllc.com

Phone: 1 (864) 404-0971